The Torica Absolute Return Income Fund (the Fund) aims to provide investors with a regular income stream that is higher than traditional cash products, combined with capital stability. The Fund can ​act as a defensive anchor for your investment portfolio, providing an ​ ​attractive, safe and reliable alternative source of income without the capital risk that is often associated with equities and other riskier asset classes.


The Fund invests in a well diversified portfolio of quality fixed income securities, designed to provide income, together with low volatility. The portfolio is actively managed and can invest across the full spectrum of global debt securities to seek the best investment opportunities. The Fund is also designed to provide capital stability with 85%-100% of the portfolio invested in highly-rated investment grade bonds.

Investor Profile

The Fund may be suitable to investors seeking regular income, returns that exceed traditional cash products, and a high level of capital stability. The Fund may also suit investors seeking a defensive allocation to their portfolio. The Fund offers investors daily liquidity.


A solution for investors seeking:

  • Consistent and regular income stream
  • Higher returns than traditional cash products
  • Capital stability and low risk alternative income source
  • Daily liquidity
  • Defensive portfolio allocation