Who We Are

Torica Capital is a specialist fixed income investment manager focused on delivering superior results to our clients. The firm manages funds on behalf of wholesale and private investors and can invest across the spectrum of global fixed income and credit assets to deliver robust and consistent returns.

Our Approach

Torica adopts an active portfolio management approach to capture inefficiencies in the global fixed income markets. The firm deploys a range of strategies to construct and manage investment portfolios that are adaptive to the constantly evolving financial and economic landscape. Risk management is critical to Torica’s investment process in achieving consistent and strong risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.


Torica’s investment team has a proven track record of actively managing money in the fixed income and credit markets. The principals have on average over 20 years of experience providing solutions to some of the largest and most sophisticated investors in Australia. The firm has partnered with ASX listed Clime Investment Management for infrastructure and marketing support, allowing Torica to be primarily focused on investment management. The firm is owned by employees, promoting an alignment of interest with our investors.